Gasco Energy offers a wide assortment of HVAC accessories to compliment any home comfort system. Ask your Gasco Home Comfort Expert what accessories you should install with your new system.

Digital Programmable
Digital Programmable Thermostat
  • Reduces Energy Use
  • Has an Easy To See LCD Screen
  • Programmable
  • Displays Operating Mode
  • Displays Time


Smart Wi-Fi
smart wi-fi thermostat
  • Control It on the Go
  • Saves More Energy
  • Controls More Systems
  • Displays Inside and Outside Temperature
  • Easy to Operate and Learn


Humidifiers humidifier
  • Simply Puts Moisture in the Air
  • Helps Keep Wood from Cracking
  • Helps with Health Issues Related to Dry Air
  • Easy to Maintain
  • Bypass and Steam Models Available


Air Cleaners
electrostatic air cleaner
  • Removes Allergens and Mold Particles by 99%
  • Removes Virus-sized Particles by 80%
  • Reduces Airborne Dust by 80%
  • Helps Remove Airborne Odors
  • Easy to Clean and Maintain


Media Air Filtration Systems media air filtration
  • Removes Airborne Particles
  • Cleaner Air
  • Traps and Kills Bacteria and Spores
  • Hhelps with Pet Odors
  • Disposable Filters


HRV (Heat Recovery Ventilators) HRV
  • Cleaner Fresh Indoor Air
  • Saves Energy
  • Keeps Air Flowing
  • Separate from Furnace Filtration
  • Easy to Maintain


ERV (Energy Recovery Ventilators) ERV
  • Cleaner Fresh Indoor Air
  • Saves Energy
  • Controls Humidity Levels
  • No Ozone Emissions
  • Easy to Maintain